February 1, 2015

Keeping Track

Today was day 2 of a Keeping Track animal tracking field day with Sue Morse and Linda Spielman.

During lunch a few of us stumbled across some fresh mouse tracks in the snow, which all led to or from a tree with a nice cavity - a cavity that registered as a cold spot with my Therm-App. But I happened to swing the Therm-App across a smaller cavity and noticed something warm: it was a deer mouse peeking through a crack in the tree:

After I had my fun photographing the critter in the crevice, I'd walked away when another participant (Dylan from Binghamton University) noticed it coming out of the tree. I captured this thermal image of the mouse leaving the cavity as Dylan stood to the side photographing it with his point-and-shoot:

Slowly the mouse descended, crossed the snow, and climbed up the next tree:

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