February 24, 2016

Squirrel and Owl

On this pleasant winter morning, I took a stroll through the woods of Six-Mile Creek with my Therm-App. The sky was cloudy, but occasionally thinned out enough for the sun to project some warmth onto the scenery. Nonetheless, warm mammals continued to stand out in the infrared image, such as in this scene:

The bright spot is this squirrel, which even in this close-up photo blends pretty well with the surrounding bark:

I soon entered a thick grove of spruce trees, at which point I could hear some mobbing calls first from some blue jays, then from some crows flying in to complain vehemently before taking off. Once the commotion had passed, I made my way to a better vantage, where I found this:

It was a pretty distinct shape, of a great horned owl:

Zoomed in for maximal impact:

I tried clumsily to make my way into a clearing for better shots, but the cacophony (or possibly simple boredom) drove the bird to take to the wing and drift silently into the ravine and out of sight.